Sharing Some Birthday Wisdom

Does the time go by faster and faster, as we get older and older??

I cannot believe another year has gone by.  Yikes!

When most people think of their birthdays, they sorta grin and twinge at the same time. Like, it’s cool that people are saying, “Happy bday”, but then again, I am one year older, don’t move quite as good as I used to, and that damn thing called gravity!

Although, I’m realizing that with every year, my hair gets a little more gray, and it takes my body twice as long to bounce back from any sort of physical activity,  I also realize that life is truly precious and fragile, and that every day, every month, and certainly every year we are on this planet is a good thing.

I get the opportunity to spend alot time around successful entrepreneurs.  I’m fortunate enough to have one of the fastest growing podcasts on Itunes, called Success Hackers where I interview really successful business owners/entrepreneurs on how they got to be so successful, and then, for them to share their success strategies or “success hacks” with my listeners.

I’m also a contributing writer for Entrepreneur, and, I have a coaching practice where I work with individuals, helping them play bigger in life and business. A few of my tag lines are, “Be Great Today”, or “Keep Hustling”.
Being around these successful individuals, I have to constantly stay on top of my game; continuing to sharpen my ax, and growing myself into the leader that these folks want to do business with.

As much as I’m all about, climbing your success mountain, reaching for the brass ring, making more money, creating more wealth, and having more influence, there’s also a time to reflect.  As high performers ,we are always looking to improve, be better, learn more, etc, etc.
And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But, I think there’s also a time for us to look back over the past 12 months, and really stop and appreciate for all that we have done.

Most of us get down on ourselves for the deals we didn’t close, or the speaking engagements that we didn’t land, or the joint ventures that didn’t work. Rather than focus on those things, let’s focus on the abundance that did enter into our lives.  Did you sign up a few new clients?
Were you asked to speak during a webinar series?  Did you meet some great people during your networking?

How about your personal life:  Were you healthy this year? Did you and your wife/husband celebrate another anniversary?  Did your child take up a new sport, or learn a new instrument?  Did you lose those extra 15 lbs that you’ve been putting off for all these years?

One thing I’ve realized is, the more grateful I am for the “small wins”, the more frequent these small wins happen.  And the more frequent the small wins happen, these wins actually become bigger and bigger.
What you focus on expands.  If you’re focusing on, “the deal that got away”, or the “business partnership that went south”, that’s exactly what you will continue to get more of. Life is like a boomerang, what you put out, comes back to you. A saying that I always use is this, “How you look at life, is exactly how life will look back at you.”

To wrap this up, here’s my suggestion –

Take out a piece of old school notebook paper, and simply write down all these wonderful things that has happened to you this past year.  Don’t leave anything out. When doing this exercise, you will start to realize how amazing your last 12 months has been.

So, next time you have a birthday, rather than say to yourself,
“great, I’m one year older, look at my wrinkles, gray hair, etc”
Why not focus on the fact that you’re still here, and that you have done some
incredible things this past year, and that you are like a great bottle of red wine, “you keep getting better with age”!!

 To Your Success!

 Scott Hansen







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