Early Holiday Gift From My Client (Photo)

Before I continue working on putting up the Xmas
lights on our tree, and doing some shopping with my wife,
I wanted to bring you something pretty special…

With less than half the month of December
approaching, and everyone getting ready
for the holidays, I wanted to share something with
you that made me smile.

As  a business strategist. I help business owners/Entrepreneurs grow their businesses so, not only are they making more money, but they’re
also able to focus on living a life filled w/purpose and passion…

For the past few years, my business has grown, and I’ve been
able to impact and empower my business owner clients
to truly play bigger in their business and life

…..needless to say, I LOVE what I do

But, as you know, when you’re building a business,
sometimes you get so focused on the tasks at hand,
you forget to come up for air, and appreciate
even the little things that life has to offer.

As hard charging Entrepreneurs, we are always
looking ahead….trying to make more money,
impact more people, and climb the next mountain.

I received a message this morning from one of
my existing clients (Bob) ….and I had to share with you.



You can see why this put such a huge smile on my face 🙂

It reassured me that, when you do something you’re so passionate about, and you put your focus on helping others, great things will happen.EVERYONE likes to get gifts, or get a nice email like this.

So here’s my challenge to you..

Reach out to someone today (business or personal) and simply tell that
person “Thanks for being such a great (friend, client, sister, father, mother), etc, etc”….


I guarantee, you will make that person’s day….just like Bob made my day today.

– I’m off to putting up some more Xmas lights!


Scott Hansen

PS. I’m taking a few more calls before the end of the year.
If you’re an existing business owner, and you’d like
some help around increasing revenue in your business,
getting clear about your goals, and ready to attack 2017,
simply  email me and let me know you have
interest in a COMPLIMENTARY Business Breakthrough session ($2k value)



Be Great Today!




Scott Hansen

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