Business Coaching

The Ultimate Success System is a VIP, 1 on 1 coaching program that produces results. It’s designed with the business owner in mind who’s truly looking to get massive results within a (6) month time-frame. The framework is around the 4 M’s of Business Growth:

  • Money
  • Marketing
  • Methodology
  • Mindset


  •  Increase the number of clients you have
  • Double your revenues
  • Become more profitable


  • Learn the (4) part marketing equation to double your leads
  • You will learn how to stand apart from your competition
  • New client attraction (learn how to enroll new clients without being “salesy”)


  • Learn how to break free of limiting beliefs
  • Overcome hidden challenges that are keeping you stuck
  • Understand how all high achievers think


  • You’ll learn how to work less, and actually make more money
  • Understand the importance of the 10/100/1000 principle for productivity
  • Focus on the (3) Income Producing Activities that generate 85% of your revenue


To find out more about Ultimate Success System, please contact Scott at

Scott is a natural leader and mentor and makes it easy to learn from him and by example. He has the ability to inspire and encourage others to pursue their dreams and think beyond
what they thought was possible.


Internet Entrepreneur

We have been working with Scott for just over two months now.  In that short time, our business doubled our revenue and added a new employee!  Scott has provided invaluable guidance and advice and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business!

Stephanie & Michele

Business Owners

Scott was a tremendous help in kick-starting my business. I have had incredible, measurable results in just a couple of months and I am on the road to exceeding my yearly goals.

Scott can give you exactly what you need – step-by-step, to expand and achieve your goals, both financially and personally.


CEO, Software Company

Working with Scott as my coach exceeded all my expectations. He helped me have greater confidence, move speedily in the right direction and start producing immediate tangible results. Thank you Scott – working with you was a high ROI investment in myself!


CEO, Million Dollar Mentor

I’m glad to say I’ve been working with Scott as my business coach,
and in less than 60 days of working with him, we’ve added 10 new clients to our business!
If someone is looking to take their business to the next level, Scott is the guy that can get you there.


Business owner

As my business continued to grow, I was facing challenges related to scaling effectively that I needed help with.  . In working with Scott, I’ve not only discovered the smartest way to scale in the next era of my business and uncovered some negative self-beliefs that I managed to break free of. Through his guidance, Scott has held me accountable and shown me that anything is possible. After working with him, my monthly business grew by about 50%. And we’re just getting warmed up.


Business owner

When I met Scott, and after speaking to him for a while, I just knew his coaching could produce the type of guidance
that I was looking for. 
Through his coaching, I learned the value of “leadership of self”, as well as how to focus on the
things that really mattered and drove the most revenue.
The coaching seemed to fly by…
And the value that was provided was worth every dollar spent.
I would highly recommend Scott, and his coaching to anyone looking to grow their business.


Business owner

When I decided to work with Scott Hansen as my first business coach, my professional career would never be the same. I can’t imagine a business coach doing more in the first 6 months than what Scott has done for me.  His tailored approach to developing me as a leader, both personally and professionally, has had a profound impact.  Whether you’re looking to strategize a marketing approach or want to learn to confidently make major business decisions, Scott has the knowledge and recipe to make it happen.  I can’t wait to see who I become over the next few years while working with him.


Business Owner