(5) Enemies Keeping us From Succeeding

When we think of the word “enemies”, we normally have pictures of our competition, sports teams from other cities, ISIS, batman/joker, superman/lex luther, etc, etc.

But the real enemies that we face every day actually live inside us.
They might not get as much publicity as the enemies mentioned above, but these
enemies are the ones that are actually controlling the outcome of your life.

5 Enemies that are preventing us from achieving massive success in business and life….

1)  Doubt

People say things like, “I’m so doubtful”.  They say things like, “I doubt this will every work.”
When someone says that, their brain automatically shuts out any possibility of having positive things happen in their life.  It’s been scientifically proven that what you focus on will expand.  If you’re focusing on why something WON’T work, then you can NEVER expect it to manifest in a positive way.  Have you ever said things like, “I’m doubtful this business won’t work.”  “I’m doubtful that anyone will ever buy my new book.”
In your mind, you need to say, “I might have some doubt, but I’m DOING IT ANYWAY!”
The more you take action, the more confidence you build.
The more confidence you build, the smaller and smaller your doubt will be as loud and noticeable.
Don’t let doubt run your life.

2) Delay

Why do people delay?  Have you noticed yourself delaying around starting a project?
Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ll do that later”, and then later NEVER comes?
You’re about to start something, but then you notice there’s an old re-run on “Seinfeld”, you start watching it, and then you never get around to doing the project.
There’s a few reasons why delay is an enemy

Most people awake with a dream in their mind, but they let that dream die in the day light.
Unfortunately, a lot of people have all kinds of “great ideas” that never get acted upon, and
that dream dies with them in their grave.

So, the question is, “What have you been waiting for to get started?”

3) Fear

Fear takes on many shapes, forms and  sizes.
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of looking bad
Fear of losing money
Fear of what others might think

The “fear list” is endless.

No matter how successful you get, fear never goes away.
What does happen is the more you realize that fear is based in the future
and hasn’t even happened yet, the more you’ll start to realize
that the ONLY thing you can control is the present moment.
This is HUGE news!
I love the acronym around fear
F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real

Remember, when you “feel the fear and do it anyway”, bit by bit
you’ll start to gain a confidence in yourself, and that one day,
that fear that you thought was so huge, is now simply an after-thought

4)  Failure

I have one of the fastest growing podcasts in Itunes, under business called Success Hackers.
On my show, I interview very successful entrepreneurs.
One of the segments of the show is called “fail forward”.
What’s interesting is that, no matter how successful these individuals are (and some are multi-millionaires), they all have the same philosophy in business.
That philosophy is that FAILURE is a very important ingredient for success.
Crazy, right??!!
Every person I interviewed said they failed multiple times, and the only reason
they’re still in business compared to other’s who quit, is they continued to use
failure as course correction…
They realized that failure is simply part of success.

Don’t be afraid of failure.  Go out and fail forward today!

5) I’m Not Good Enough

As someone who coaches entrepreneurs; helping them take their business to
new heights, I hear this one enemy pop up all the time.
Deep down, we all feel a bit inadequate.
Even the people you think have it all figured out, have doubts about themselves.

The inner self talk goes like this:
“Who am I to think I can become an entrepreneur?”
“Who am I to think I can find the perfect soul mate?”
“I was never popular in school, so why would anyone ever join my business team?”
“Who am I to think I can become a millionaire…I grew up broke.”

This limiting belief usually started when we were very young.
We were told something, or saw something happen, and then we made it out to mean something.
At that VERY moment, WAMMO, the rest of our lives would be altered by this one event.

But, here’s the REAL truth…

You are good enough
You are infinitely powerful
You got chosen to play in this game called LIFE.  God chose YOU to be all that you can be.
The ONLY thing holding you back from your truest desires, is the STORY you keep telling yourself.

From this point forward, I give you permission to drop that old story that
you’ve been telling yourself of WHY you can’t have something or become someone amazing.
The sooner you realize just how amazing and powerful you are, the sooner you can
start impacting people all over the world with your gifts and talents…

Leave Me a Comment if any of these enemies have an impact on your life…

Be Great Today!









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